CAD CAM Technology

CAD CAM Technology

In Mirai Dental Clinic you don't have to wait long time to get crowns and bridge. We are offering the opportunity to receive crowns and bridges just in one visit with groundbreaking innovation in restorative dentistry CAD CAM technology (computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing).

From 2017 we introduced CAD CAM technology from CEREC, Sirona (Germany) company.  This cutting edge technolgy allows us to create custom-made ceramic restoration in short amount of time in our office. 

With CAD CAM technology we are making crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and partial dentures.

Technology steps

CAD CAM technology has 3 steps. Image acquisition, design creation and milling steps

Digital photograph or Scanning

After the necessary preparation of your teeth dentist will take digital photograph with Acquisition unit. The 3D software will convert this digital image into 3D model

Design creation

After model has created, design of your restoration will be made digitally

Milling and carving

Once design is complete, dentist will submit the image to milling unit, which will carve from matching shade ceramic block.

Customers testimonials


This cutting-edge technology allows us dentists to reduce weeks of dental laboratory production time to only 10 minutes. With CAD CAM technology we can create and design the custom made restorations right in front of you and just few moments later cement them into place of your teeth.

Ts.Munkhbaatar Oral surgeon, Prosthodontist

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